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My Studio, Basses and Other Tech
Sei Bass - Series Two
Single Cut

​​This is my main bass since 2017, made by Martin Peterson and John Chapman at the Bass Gallery London July 2017


33" Scale
Indian Rosewood Fingerboard
24 Frets
Maple neck with Bubinga stringers
Ash body
Holy top wood - front and back
Glockenklang preamp circuit
Aguilar DCB pickpups
Bubinga Ramp (added after this pic was taken)
Red LEDs on side of neck
Black Hardware
Gloss finish


Sei Bass - Series One
Single Cut

​​This is my original Sei Bass made by Martin Peterson at the Bass Gallery London March 2008


33" Scale
Madagascar Ebony Board
26 Frets
Maple neck with Mahogany stringersAsh body
Buckeye Burl top wood - front and back
Glockenklang preamp circuit
Nordstrand Fatstack pickpups
Ebony Ramp
Piezo Bridge (Ghost system)Red
LEDs on side of neck
Black HardwareGloss finish
MIDI Pickup

Custom Fretless 5 String made by Jeff Chapman

​​Based on a Tobias Pro Classic this bass is made from a single piece of African Mahogany (that was previously a shelf in a school!) which was salvaged by Jeff and made into this beautiful bass. The fingerboard is a slab of ebny (as is the ramp between the pickups) - the electronics are EMG pickups with an EMG 3-band EQ - it plays and sounds great!

Amps, Cabs and Tech

I use an Aguilar Tone Hammer 350 amp and two SL112 speakers - plus various pedals - and an increasingly integrated mix of pedals and Ableton Live 10, Keith McMillen Softstep foot-controller. I also use a Focusrite 4Pre Thunderbolt soundcard, Push 2 controller and other tech... I also use Ultimate Ears UE11 Pro IEMS - truly awesome in-ear monitors

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